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About HandNF – A WordPress like any other.

Here is a story; For 1.25 years, this guy named N would every day post a new funny quote and a new word with a funny definition. However, his plans prevented him from doing it each day.

Now, 1.25 years later,  still with only 5 visitors max a day, on a good day, N is getting tired of constantly updating the homepage and reuploading it, where there is a 1/4 chance of an upload downtime.

Behold the mighty WordPress. Type stuff in every day, and create a box on the homepage that responds to RSS feeds. Now I can update online really fast. I can also update on the go, through any web-enabled phone.

Hopefully being able to add this stuff easier every day will let more people visit my website, and we’ll finally be somebody on the web.


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